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Arrivée au village de Saint-Jeannet See the map with more informations



plan d'accès aux gîtes des baous de Saint-Jeannet
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Arriving at the village of Saint Jeannet

Présentation des gîtes du Baou de Saint-Jeannet
Arrivée au village de Saint-Jeannet
Arrivée au village de Saint-Jeannet

The simplest route to go to the lodgings:

The village is accessible only to vehicles less than 22 seats,
for other vehicles:
park in the large car park at the entrance
of the village, deposits are located at 500 m
in the village.

Access deposits:
"La Maison du Château" & "Le Ciste"
> Let the public parking on your left,
then post on your right to arrive
at the Place Ste Barbe.
Take the Ste Barbe straight ahead,
pass a Bakery, 30 m further, on your left,
the rental:
40 Rue du Château - 40 Castle Street (opposite the restaurant "The old oven").

Access deposits:
"L´Azur" - "Le Gressier" & "La Ferrage",
> Follow the same route as for room
" La Maison du Château",
the Town Hall, turn left,
the second Bakery on your right
turn right and go down straight,
pass a "bridge":
the cottage is 30 m on your right:
101 rue de la Ferrage
in front of an entrance garden

Transportation :
> Train - Nice Train Station
> Aircraft - Nice Airport Internationnal
> Car - Exit Recommended: "Cagnes sur Mer"

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Download the PDF of access to lodgings.

Gites of Baous:

L´Azur - Nº 7003
   (4 + 2 persons)
La Maison du Château - Nº 7004
   (10 + 2 persons)
Le Greissier - Nº 7239
   (4 + 2 persons)
Le Ciste - Nº 7178
   (6 + 2 persons)
La Ferrage - Nº 7899
   (15 persons)


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